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Frequently Asked Questions


A Multipurpose Lawn in a residential plot refers to an open space or designated area within the property that serves various purposes and can be utilized for multiple activities.

A multipurpose lawn in a residential plot can offer several benefits:

  • Recreation and leisure
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Flexibility
  • Health and well-being


The primary features and use of a cabana in a residential plot include:

  • Shade and relaxation
  • Outdoor entertainment
  • Poolside retreat
  • Privacy and seclusion
  • Aesthetic enhancement


The aim of world-class engineering services in a residential plot is to ensure the safe, efficient, and sustainable development of the property while meeting the needs and expectations of residents.

These services may encompass various aspects related to residential development, including:

  • Site planning and infrastructure design
  • Structural engineering
  • Utility systems
  • Sustainable and green technologies
  • Quality assurance and project management


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