M3M Broadway


Frequently Asked Questions


The project is expected to have free-standing structures, a centralized car park, a swimming pool and club house. The project will also have landscaped gardens and a well-equipped leisure area along with amenities like a clubhouse, a swimming pool, children’s play area, gymnasium and tennis courts as well as ample open space for community activities.


The security system for the M3M Broadway Sec-71 Gurugram project is state of the art and conforms to all standard norms and regulations. All features are built on the latest technologies and fitted with state of the art surveillance systems such as high definition CCTV cameras, digital recorders and wireless communication systems.

The CCTV cameras installed at the site provide a complete overview of the entire campus and have a panoramic view 180° in every direction. Access is controlled by card key access system or biometric scanners or proximity cards depending on their level of access to different areas in the campus. The site also has an automated fire alarm system, which notifies security personnel or emergency services when activated.


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